Top Gear
November 4, 2008

It’s back!


Ah Blessed Top Gear
June 10, 2008

It’s really not hard to see why us fans love this show.

Top Gear Returns On June 22nd
May 1, 2008

The best show on television returns in forty-five days! I say that’s forty-five days too long! My usually-reliable source has failed me. Sorry. The show will probably return on June 22nd.

In the meanwhile, I guess you can just enjoy this old clip.

A Top Gear Shootout Of Three German Sports Cars
December 24, 2007

Top Gear’s last episode of the season aired yesterday and the three hosts pitted the new BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class and the Audi RS4 against one another. If it was my choice, I would take the M3 over the other two. It’s not a issue of numbers, reputations or looks but rather an emotive choice. Watch the clips to see which car won.

I posted the rest of the segment after the break.


Top Gear Goes Endurance Racing
December 19, 2007

It’s been a slow news day so I’ve decided to feed you all a bit of filler. It’s not as bad as it seems though. It’s a segment of the most recent Top Gear episode. The frame at 2:39 just makes me laugh as immature of a joke as it may be. Enjoy!

The rest of the segment is available after the break. (more…)

Oliver Rules!: Top Gear Goes To Africa
November 5, 2007

The rest of the episode is after the break.


Top Gear Meets Gran Turismo!
October 24, 2007


And no I don’t mean the segment where Jeremy Clarkson goes round Laguna Seca in his living room.

This is far better: Gran Turismo 5 will feature the Top Gear track! Now you can pretend to be the Stig and take on the Follow Through, Chicago, Hammerhead and Gambond. No news on whether the Suzuki Liana or the Chevrolet Lacetti will be included in the game.

And that’s not it– GT TV will feature downloadable Top Gear clips along with clips from other great automotive programs and events such as the D1 Grand Prix, Super GT and Best Motoring.

Top Gear, S10E02
October 15, 2007


The second episode of Top Gear is out and unlike the first one, it’s actually funny.  The highlights includes a feature on the new Audi R8 and a hilarious attempt to cross the English Channel in their homemade amphibious vehicles.

If you know how to use BitTorrent, you can download it here. Otherwise, hope that someone will upload it onto YouTube. It’ll be two weeks until the next episodes airs.

The Boys Are Back!: Top Gear
October 1, 2007

October 7th, guys! Six more days! I can’t wait!

Atomic Power: Ariel Atom 2
September 29, 2007


The Ariel Atom has just been renewed. It’s now the Atom 2 and even if you spend a day just examining it, you may never figure out what’s new with this one. It’s practically the same car.

Okay, though the differences are subtle, they are quite important. The new frame is wider, it gets a “saute vent” wind deflector (so you won’t end up looking like Jezza), and the new dampers are from Koni rather than Blistein. The US-Spec engine is the supercharged two-liter inline-four lifted from a Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. It produces 240 lb-ft and 300 hp and revs up to a redline of 7000 rpm. Power-to-weight ratio? 1hp carries every 4.9 pounds. And get this: it has a very reasonable combined mileage of 27 miles per gallon.

I’m sorry to be throwing so many numbers at you, but if you can understand the significance in these numbers, you’ll understand just how perfect this car is.

Perfection comes at a price though. I configured my own at the Ariel website and it came out to be a depressing total of $98,455. But I upgraded just about everything: suspension, brakes, drivetrain and aesthetics. Base models begin at $52,000.