Hip-Hop Saved My Life
October 23, 2008

Lupe Fiasco – Hip-Hop Saved My Life (Feat. Nikki Jean)

Tracks like “Paris, Tokyo” and “Superstar” had me avoiding Lupe’s music. But after giving his album, The Cool, a listen, I am glad to have found that he also does real music. There are a couple great tracks on the disc, including the one I posted above. Enjoy!


BoA debuts in America
September 10, 2008

BoA – Eat You Up [Preview]

Korean Japanese popstar, BoA, is attempting to break into the US music scene Akon-style (I can only assume that synthesizing her vocals is an attempt to mask her horrificly fobby English). And that blip of a song only serves as a harbinger for a disasterous career. In truth, she failed before she even begun.

Sidenote: Why does she keep insisting her name be spelled: Capital B-Lowercase O-Capital A? Maybe she and Bank of America can work out an endorsement.

Hush! Jobs Speaks!
September 9, 2008

New iPods (of the nano and touch variety) were announced today. Yup.

Pretty colors.

Talib Kweli
June 2, 2008

Talib Kweli – Listen

“Talib Kweli (born Talib Kweli Greene, 1975) is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He is one of the most prominent rappers in underground hip-hop, and is critically acclaimed frequently, despite not being incredibly commercially successful. His name is Arabic, meaning ‘the seeker’ or ‘student of truth and knowledge’.” – Last.fm


Crown City Rockers
February 1, 2008

Crown City Rockers – Balance (Feat. Scarub)

They’re my favorite Hip-Hop/Rap group of the moment. Enjoy! I also posted another song after the break


Kristine Sa
January 25, 2008

Kristine Sa – Consequence

The video is lacking interest, I know that. But Kristine‘s voice and lyrics make up for it. Her ballads are beautiful and deal with the themes of love and loss. Her pop songs are  enjoyable. I do hope she makes it big one day. She definitely has the potential.

More after the break.


November 29, 2007


They’re my favorite artists/band of the moment so I thought it would be nice to share.

“Paramore is an alternative rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. The band consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, lead guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis, and drummer Zac Farro. Paramore released their debut All We Know Is Falling in 2005, an EP entitled The Summer Tic in 2006, and Riot!, their third offering, in 2007. ‘Misery Business’, the first single from Riot!, is currently sitting at #3 on the US Modern Rock Chart. It also peaked at #30 and #34 on the Pop 100 and Hot 100 charts respectively.” – Last.fm

Hayley Williams’s a cutie and her “fire-colored” hair is pretty cool. Let’s not forget that she actually has some singing ability which is more than can be said about many artists out there.

I posted a number of their music videos after the break.


September 24, 2007

Jin – “I Quit”

Rap and hip-hop has taken a turn for the worse in the last decade, but the entire industry is more diluted with untalented wannabes now more than ever. I respect an artist whose lyrics hit something deeper than their twenty-two inch rims or girls with large posteriors.

Jin is an MC by all meanings to the term. His amazing reign on BET’s Freestyle Friday should amaze just about anyone. He was signed onto Virgin records and inducted into the Rough Riders, but decided to leave after a couple years after getting fed up with the hip-hop industry.