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24: Redemption
November 21, 2008

24’s back this Sunday. Fox, 8 to 10pm Pacific.


Top Gear
November 4, 2008

It’s back!

Ah Blessed Top Gear
June 10, 2008

It’s really not hard to see why us fans love this show.

Top Gear Returns On June 22nd
May 1, 2008

The best show on television returns in forty-five days! I say that’s forty-five days too long! My usually-reliable source has failed me. Sorry. The show will probably return on June 22nd.

In the meanwhile, I guess you can just enjoy this old clip.

Mama Seal and Herbie
April 8, 2008

Charming advert by Volkswagen.

March 13, 2008


Hulu may be the greatest webpage since YouTube. Hulu is a free service that streams your favorite television programs. It’s better than watching say, six YouTube clips–one after another–that will be taken down eventually for reasons of copyright infringement. So, how does Hulu keep its content from being deleted by the legal departments of television stations? Well, it has gathered the support of Fox, NBC, MGM, Sony, Lionsgate and Warner Brothers, thereby allowing them to freely display not only television programs but also full-length feature films.

It’s awesome to be able to watch episodes of House on my own time! I think their available content on certain shows are great (e.g. The Simpsons)while others are not so great (e.g. Top Chef). It’s a small disappointment, but hopefully they fill in the gaps soon.

North American Stock Car Auto Racing
March 11, 2008

All these years, I’ve been putting NASCAR down because I thought it to just be a race set on a big oval.  But the truth is, I’ve been completely missing the point. NASCAR is obviously not about cornering, so then what is it about?

This clip is taken from this week’s episode of BBC’s Fifth Gear. Hearing about NASCAR from an outsider perspective rather than one from a fan probably was what helped me see the appeal of this motorsport. Which is that you just never know what’s going to happen.

This doesn’t mean I’m ever going to spend my day watching NASCAR on television. I just think it would be fun to attend a race someday.

I’ve included the second half of the segment after the break.


Sony XEL-1 OLED Television
January 27, 2008


I was at my local Sony shop when I saw this beauty. The screen is just three millimeters thick, but then you see that it’s affixed onto a stand that doesn’t share its anorexic properties. So okay, it’s thin. What isn’t these days? The real beauty behind this television isn’t so much what was aforementioned but rather the quality of the picture. It was gorgeous! You really have to see it to believe it. The screen isn’t filled with liquid crystal or plasma but utilizes the brand-new technology of organic light emitting diodes (or OLEDs for short) giving an amazing contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The unit measures only eleven inches diagonally and will empty you out $2500. Consider this: if you settle for an LCD, you can get a very nice 46″ HDTV flat panel for the same money. So you have three options, put that money in the bank and wait for OLED technology to drop in price and get a bigger display in the future, get that 46-incher LCD, or invite your friends to watch the big game on your tiny TV.

Me? Well, I’m definitely holding out for OLED. I was sold after seeing the picture quality on that screen.

If you were thinking the third option: click here to see more about the XEL-1.

A Skit On Predictive Text
January 25, 2008

I found the skit to be funny so I thought I’d share it.

Top Gear Goes Endurance Racing
December 19, 2007

It’s been a slow news day so I’ve decided to feed you all a bit of filler. It’s not as bad as it seems though. It’s a segment of the most recent Top Gear episode. The frame at 2:39 just makes me laugh as immature of a joke as it may be. Enjoy!

The rest of the segment is available after the break. (more…)