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Polaroid PoGo ZINK Printer
June 4, 2008

Earlier this year, I reported on the Poloroid ZINK Zero-Ink Printer. In theory, it was brilliant. With its release (slated for early July) coming up, more details about the device have begun to circulate around the blogosphere.

Now if you still don’t know what the ZINK printer is, let’s quickly review. Imagine a portable printer, no larger than your standard Kafka novel–and has no need for ink. Rather the color is contained within the paper–think Polaroid instants, but with far more sophisticated technology. You can send your camera phone pictures to it via Bluetooth or connect via USB cable. Now that you’re caught up, we can discuss the new and horribly disappointing details.

The printing process is slow. Each 2×3-inch sticker-backed print will take sixty to seventy-five seconds. And after the process is done, you’re left with a image of questionable quality. On a two-hour charge, the rechargeable battery will only develop fifteen prints before giving out. Lastly, the device isn’t cheap, the unit itself costs $150. Bear in mind that you’ll also need to pay $10 for every 30-pack of refill paper.

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the buy. Wait until the next model comes out.


April 18, 2008

Check it out: it’s a service (hopefully a free one) that identifies media covers in your photos (i.e. books, DVDs, CDs) and sends you an e-mail with the information on the pictured title.

Now, this is either super cool or somewhat stupid. Let me explain. Unless this works on say, foreign media, it is rather quite useless. I can easily read a title in English, type that into Amazon and get all the information I could need. I also think that this service could also do quite well with some audio identification. Send in a part of a song you recorded off the radio or in an elevator and have them reply with the song’s information.

Sigma DP1
March 4, 2008


My family has had three of those Sony CyberShots–the T-series. You know –the crazy slim ones. Yeah. After purchasing all of them, I’ve come to realize something. They all suck. The picture quality is horrid and blur seems to always taint your subjects. On the other side of the scale, I have a Nikon D70. It’s a digital SLR which takes fabulous photos, but it’s a compromise for its bulk. So, there lies the dilemma. Is there a compact camera with decent picture quality? Sigma seems to think they’ve cracked it.They call it the DP1.

A permanently fitted prime 16.6mm lens sits in front of a Foveon X3 sensor. A sensor designed for superior color replication. It gives you control of ISO, white balance, shutter speeds and focus. So it’s designed for a photographer who doesn’t want to lug around an SLR.

It retails at $1090, but it’s easily found at $800.

Polaroid Digital Mobile Zero-Ink Photo Printer
February 11, 2008


I’ve been sick for a while now so I haven’t been up to the job of writing lately. Sorry, so here’s what Uncrate had to say about the Polaroid ZINK Zero-Ink Printer:

“With its instant cameras now a thing of the past, Polaroid is moving instant printing technology into the digital age with its Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer . Utilizing ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, this mobile photo printer creates 2″ x 3″ borderless prints instantly, from cameras or camera phones connected via USB or Bluetooth. The printer also houses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for on-the-go use, and its great-looking prints come on sticky-back stock, letting you (and your friends) affix your newly-minted memories to anything you’d like.” – Uncrate

They left out how the technology works. Basically, the color is already embedded in the paper and heat pulses act as the agent to make them visible on the surface. A single photo takes exactly one minute to “print”. And the resulting photo is fade-resistant, smudge-proof, waterproof, and tear-proof. There’s no price available yet. I have yet to find a release date as well. But I’m definitely going to pick up one of these when they are available.

Miss World 2007: Zi Lin Zhang
December 23, 2007


“The 1.3 billion population of China was behind Zi Lin Zhang to win the title of Miss World 2007, and that’s exactly what she did at the Miss World event held in Sanya, China. The 23 year old and 5 feet 9 inches tall beauty was born in Shi Jia Zhuang City in Hei Bei Province, China. When she’s not traveling or reading, she’s at the track keeping fit with 100 meter jump & hurdles and triple jumps.” – Kineda

Goodness! She’s really pretty.

More photos after the break.


Happy Holidays!
December 23, 2007

Vienna Teng – Atheist Christmas Carol Performance

I just went to a Vienna Teng Quartet performance so I thought it would be fitting to leave you boys and girls with this song right before Christmas. Enjoy the holidays!

October 30, 2007


It’s a clever name for a clever product. The latest cameras are more and more commonly seen with built-in Wi-Fi features. But those of us who can’t afford to buy the latest toys are left with the inconvenience of plugging in and uploading our photos. Wires irritate me. So when I can, I opt for the wireless solution.

This is the Eye-fi. It allows your SD camera to wirelessly upload your photos onto your computer or straight onto your preferred online hosting service. It costs an even hundred dollars and I’d say it’s worth it. Unfortunately, my Nikon only accepts a Compact Flash card. Conversion adapters have been known to work, though it is not a supported application. My correspondent tells me that a Compact Flash version is in the works. So, I’ll hold out until then.

Teaser: Adobe Photoshop Express
September 11, 2007


“John Nack (senior product manager for Photoshop) has confirmed the development of Photoshop Express. It’s a free online photo editor that’s not meant to replace Adobe’s current offerings, but ‘make Adobe imaging technology immediately accessible to large numbers of people.'” – Gizmodo

It’s smart to reach out to those who haven’t used Photoshop. By doing so, Adobe could expand their market and sell more software.
Or you can do what you’ve been doing for years: borrow it from someone you know. Arrrr!


Nikonians Rejoice!: D300 and D3
August 23, 2007


It’s a big day for Nikonians! Nikon has just announced two new models: the D300 and the D3 (which replaces the D2Xs). Each are brilliant in their own rights.

The D300, which succeeds the D200, features a three-inch live viewfinder, not unlike those on digital snapshot cameras. This is a first for Nikon. The camera also features a 12.3 megapixel self-cleaning sensor (the one Sony has just announced), 6 frames per second burst (8 with the optional battery pack), 51-point autofocusing,HDMI support with 1080i playback and a 200-3200 ISO range. ($1799 body only)

The new flagship model, the D3 shoots at a blazing 11 frames per second (in DX, 9 in FX). It sports 12.1-megapixel FX/DX format sensor, a 3-inch 920,000-pixel live viewfinder with a 170-degree viewing angle, a 51-point autofocusing and a 200-6400 ISO range. Hi 2 Mode ups the ISO to an equivalent of 25,600. Not sure how it’s going to look but I’m hoping for the best. It also allows for dual Compact Flash card use. And it’s all wrapped in magnesium casing. ($4999 body only)


August 8, 2007


Today, I went down to San Jose Camera and I finally got the 18-200 VR DX that I’ve wanted for two years. It’s my fourth Nikkor lens and to be honest, it just makes the other three obsolete. I love that I now have one lens that does all the jobs so there’s little need (or desire, for that matter) to tote all of them with me.  The VR (or Vibration Reduction) is really nice because it compensates for my inability to be perfectly statue-like.

I need to go out and take some pictures with it. Yay! I’m so excited!