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November 10, 2008

The latest offering from Pixney!


October 23, 2008

This is another interesting film that I’ve recently watched.

Quantum of Solace
September 10, 2008

Sexy car. Sexy girl. Hell, you can’t deny that even Mr. Craig is a good-looking fellow.

I just cannot wait for this movie!

June 2, 2008

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I recommend it highly.

April 18, 2008

Check it out: it’s a service (hopefully a free one) that identifies media covers in your photos (i.e. books, DVDs, CDs) and sends you an e-mail with the information on the pictured title.

Now, this is either super cool or somewhat stupid. Let me explain. Unless this works on say, foreign media, it is rather quite useless. I can easily read a title in English, type that into Amazon and get all the information I could need. I also think that this service could also do quite well with some audio identification. Send in a part of a song you recorded off the radio or in an elevator and have them reply with the song’s information.

Planet B-Boy
April 15, 2008

@ 0:08 What the heck!! That’s frickin’ incredible!

Planet B-Boy is in select theaters now.

“My Sassy Girl” Gets The Hollywood Do-over
April 3, 2008

Korea’s My Sassy Girl has to be one of the most charming romantic comedies I’ve seen and now it’s being remade in America Boooo!
I’m rather disappointed at Hollywood for attempting to remake it instead of just bringing it over with subtitles. But I’m even more disappointed with how the trailer looks. Elisha Cuthbert is no Ji-Hyun Jun. Cuthbert can’t pull off crazy like Jun did. She just can’t.

Well, let’s just prepare for the worst hope for the best.

“Hubba hubba” “Ooooh”
March 13, 2008

I had mixed feelings about the first trailer, but after seeing this one, I’m pretty excited. I know I’m not going to be watching it for the story. Think of it as The Fast and the Furious on drugs. I mean look at it! It looks like cars racing on a gigantic Hot Wheels track set in the middle of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. I have no doubts that the visual quality of this film is going to be spectacular. Oh, and if you love James Bond’s tricked out rides, the Mach 5 will have ten times the gadgets.

It’s being done by the Wachowski brothers (V for Vendetta, Matrix trilogy) so I don’t expect it to be that bad. Actually, I kind of hope it’s going to be really good.

It’s slated for release on May 9th, 2008.

March 13, 2008


Hulu may be the greatest webpage since YouTube. Hulu is a free service that streams your favorite television programs. It’s better than watching say, six YouTube clips–one after another–that will be taken down eventually for reasons of copyright infringement. So, how does Hulu keep its content from being deleted by the legal departments of television stations? Well, it has gathered the support of Fox, NBC, MGM, Sony, Lionsgate and Warner Brothers, thereby allowing them to freely display not only television programs but also full-length feature films.

It’s awesome to be able to watch episodes of House on my own time! I think their available content on certain shows are great (e.g. The Simpsons)while others are not so great (e.g. Top Chef). It’s a small disappointment, but hopefully they fill in the gaps soon.

Quantum Of Solace
February 13, 2008

Everyone thought Casino Royale was a good movie, whereas I just thought of it of a cinematic version of World Championship Poker, but instead of commercials, Bond would leave the table to participate in an action sequence. Nonetheless, I found Daniel Craig to be a very fitting James Bond so I do hope that this script will be a little more than just a time slot filler on ESPN.

This week’s episode of Fifth Gear mentioned that the DBS will be back in Quantum of Solace. It’s faster than the Vantage, but so much uglier. Sigh…