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October 22, 2008

Too awesome!


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
April 16, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is on shelves today! Okay, that’s it for now! I’ve got to go play it!

Kick It!
March 11, 2008


Designer Ella Marinucci has taken a classic foosball table and transformed it into the game, “Kick It!”.

The field now sits atop a bed of magnets which are activated by a big button on either side of the table. (If you look closely at the picture above, you can see one of the players reach for the button) The activated magnets serve as a sort of “power-up” that changes the ball’s path. And in the “dead” corners, now stands a pinball table bumper which should violently reflect the ball back into the playable area of the field. Topping it all off, when a team scores, the opposing team receives a shock.

Sounds awesome!

Battlefield Heroes
February 29, 2008

Electronic Arts has developed a new Battlefield game for the masses. It’s completely free to download and to play. Unlike the other installments of the series, this game is focused around being “fun”.

That gets you wondering what EA wanted other Battlefield games to be about? Anyways the game is open for download this summer.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
January 29, 2008

Those lucky Japanese have been racing their heart out on Gran Turismo latest installment for the last month. But here in the States, we are here impatiently awaiting the release of our favorite racing simulator. My PlayStation 3 really needs this game. It has been humiliated for being treated as no more than a standard DVD player and rarely even that. That glossy convex box has so much more to offer, I know it!But alas, we must wait another three months before GT5P is available to us. But at least we now know how much longer we must wait. April 17th will the day and you can bet I will be at my local video game boutique to get myself a copy.

The retail disc has been priced at $40 and will include an exclusive video. The game itself will also be available to download through PSN.

World Of Goo
January 28, 2008

A high polygon count doesn’t make a game good. Many, myself included, prefer a game that challenges your dexterity, speed and puzzle-solving ability. This is the sort of thought that surrounds casual gaming. The concept behind 2d Boy’s World of Goo seems straightforward: use “goo” to build structures that reach a goal. Simple enough, but it looks like the kind of game that would be great for portable gaming devices such as the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS. Strangely enough, the only systems it’s slated for is the Wii, Windows, OS X and Linux. I hope that changes.

Tech Demo For “The Force Unleashed”
January 27, 2008

It’s amazing how gaming has evolved from “Pong” to games with behavioral A.I.. This is a tech demonstration on the new Star Wars game, “The Force Unleashed”. The only Star Wars game I can say I truly enjoyed was “Jedi Power Battles”, but this definitely looks promising. It looks to be a single-player platform title made for next-gen (shouldn’t they be current-gen by now?) machines like the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. I’m looking forward to it.

New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer
December 16, 2007

It doesn’t really help to watch the video I posted above. I know it’s counterproductive but I can’t embed any video besides ones from YouTube, so you’ll have to venture over to to see the video in high-definition.

The game looks amazing and I really can’t wait to see the spectacular art that Squaresoft is famous for in high-def. If it’s anything like the other installments of the Final Fantasy series, then gameplay will be amazing as well.

Be sure to check out the Final Fantasy XIII Versus trailer as well.

Super Mario Galaxy
December 12, 2007

I’ve been playing this since Saturday and I have to say it’s a remarkably well-made game. The gameplay is challenging without feeling cheap, the controls are intuitive and the level design is creative and innovative. If you’re lucky enough to have a Wii, I would highly recommend this game to you.

It retails at $49.99 at all game boutiques and department stores.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
November 19, 2007

I just finished the demo and I feel so on-edge right now. I used to think Battlefield 2 was intense when I started playing . I’ve been hearing such rave reviews for Call of Duty 4, I decided I had to give it a try. And it makes every other first-person shooter so tame. I felt like it was more a movie than a game because of the pace. The graphics really made it easy to imagine yourself in such an intense warzone.

I would totally buy it, if my PC could run it smoothly which it can’t. This game is not very friendly to old computers and my computer really isn’t that old. It was top of the line back in 2003 so unless you rock anything worse than a 3.4GHz, 1GB, Nvidia X600 XT, I personally don’t suggest it. Then again, if your digits are more coordinated than mine (which they probably are), then you also have the option of playing it on a PlayStation 3 or XBox 360 assuming you have the console.

You can download the PC demo here.