I’m a Customer.

Microsoft fights back to Apple’s long-lived “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertising campaign. Honestly, it is a rather futile attempt at winning customers from Apple’s customer pool. It works like this: if you use a PC (…and I use the term, PC, the way these companies use it. In all honesty, they are all personal computers or PCs.) So if you use a PC, you might switch to a Mac (like I did…). If you use a Mac, you’re unlikely to switch to a PC.

So unlike Apple, Microsoft’s true task is not to win over customers, but rather hold on to the ones they have. And the best way of doing that? Create a product that people want to use.

Rather than argue amongst each other about what OS is better, have the companies do the competing. This insures that you, the consumer, wins.


2 Responses

  1. y’know that only 3% apple buyers buy from apple again?

  2. and ~43% of all statistics are made up… [shrugs]

    All Apple owners I know are repeat buyers… not to say that that is a significant sampling, but if the percentage is so high, how come none fall in that 97%?

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