iPhone 2

It’s here. And well, woopty doo.

I was really hoping for a lot more from Apple’s second iteration of their iPhone. Don’t misread me here, I’m still going to get one come July 11th, but I was just hoping for iPhone 2.0 to be well spectacular. But instead, we’re reintroduced to an old friend.

I guess I should just be happy with the short list of new features like 3G and GPS. But that’s really nothing new. Us Apple fanboys and fangirls have known that this was coming for months. It’s the things like the flush headphone jack and improved battery life that’s providing me with any amount of excitement.

So here’s the super-breif rundown:

The iPhone 2 is thicker, faster (cause of 3G), and available in black (8GB, 16GB) and white (16GB). It has all the features from the first iPhone as well as GPS, a flush headphone jack, iPhone 2.0 firmware, a price of $199 (8GB) or $299 (16GB) and a release date of July 11th, 2008.

See you in line.


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  1. Now black and white! Kool!

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