Flip Mino

Last week, I purchased a Flip Ultra camcorder. It left me $120 poorer, but I know it’s going be worth every cent. Its design is clever. The simple interface, convenient all-in-one form, and affordable price has allowed the company to take close to a fifth of the camcorder market. No easy task, I’m sure. Yesterday, Flip announced their latest product, the Flip Mino.

Great. Now I’ve got buyer’s remorse.

Fortunately, after reading a bit more about our new Mino, I find relief for my case of BR. The new Mino is powered by a sealed rechargable battery. This is commonplace on any gadget of this day. It’s a great money-saver, but loses in the convenience arena. I love the idea of being able to pop in a fresh pair of AA cells into the Ultra whenever I need and resume recording immediately. Having to find a USB port and then wait three hours for it to charge–well, that’s just against what the Flip is all about.

Though the Mino is not without aces up its sleeves. It’s now even smaller than the Ultra. Huge plus. Smaller form equal easier pocketability. The buttons have been replaced for a touch-sensitive matrix. Desperate to cure my BR, I’m going to see this as a con. The lack of haptic feedback is not worth the clean look.

Now, if these things don’t phase you, buy a Mino. It’ll be available tomorrow at the price of $180.


One Response

  1. I like the size of the Flip I can fit it into my pocket and it not noticable and the weight is great.

    The video pic are good when you replay on the screen

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