Smart Car

Smart Fortwos haven’t exactly become popular in the United States yet (though they are available), but they have become an icon on European roads. Though I suspect that the car’s popularity will rise due to the ever-increasing gas prices.

The first thing you’ll realize about this car is its size. The car’s ridiculous wheelbase is so short that you could actually drive the front bumper up to the curb instead of parallel parking along it. The size of the car doesn’t make it any less safe either. The car is loaded with clever safety design, that it performs remarkably well in crashes.

* Please note that the video I posted above doesn’t display any ordinary Smart Fortwo. Its engine has been swapped out and replaced with one from a Suzuki GSX-R (colloquially known as a Gixxer) motorcycle. It has also undergone various suspension, brake, and weight reducing upgrades.


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  1. Auto Parts Used Trucks Modified Cars…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

  2. You MUST be joking about the smart car not being that popular in the US yet. Actually, the only reason you’re not seeing more of them on the roads at this point is that Mercedes (the maker) has not been able to keep up with the demand. Before a single American smart car hit the US, there were already more than 30,000 people on a waiting list, all of whom had paid $99 for the privilege. To date, only 10,000 smarts have been delivered to US buyers, but more are certainly coming. To learn more FACTS about the smart car in the US, visit my information site: (not affiliated with smart


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