Building a Cobra

The most I’ve done under the hood of a car is install an air intake. And yet of late, all I can think about is building a car. The idea came to me when I saw an advertisement for a replica kit of an AC Cobra. The kit would include the entire rolling chassis. I would then have to buy or salvage an engine and a transmission to power the car. When I finish, the project would have outted me somewhere around the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars, not to mention months of labor. Not exactly something I have currently, so I’ll be putting this on my list of things I hope to do sometime.

The car pictured is the one I hope to construct. It’s an indigo blue AC Cobra that’s been given the white racing stripes treatment. I really don’t care much for the car’s big block engine. I honestly would rather mount something like Mazda Renesis or an inline-four block, granted I can find the proper parts. After all, I’m really just after the car’s look. All right, well, that’s it. What do you think?


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  1. very suave
    and not to mention HOT ;)

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