“My Sassy Girl” Gets The Hollywood Do-over

Korea’s My Sassy Girl has to be one of the most charming romantic comedies I’ve seen and now it’s being remade in America Boooo!
I’m rather disappointed at Hollywood for attempting to remake it instead of just bringing it over with subtitles. But I’m even more disappointed with how the trailer looks. Elisha Cuthbert is no Ji-Hyun Jun. Cuthbert can’t pull off crazy like Jun did. She just can’t.

Well, let’s just prepare for the worst hope for the best.


One Response

  1. i cant agree with you more. my sassy girl is my favorite movie of all time, from any country, in any language, in any genre. i’ve seen this more than 1o times, cried and laughed each time. just saw the trailer on youtube, and it just doesnt look good to me. the american girl just isnt sassy at all, and the lead guy is not goofy. they’re both so– blah. part of the charm of the korean movie is the craziness and goofiness of the two leads. i dont think its the kind of remake that would want to make anybody go look for the original, like another asian film remake, the departed. sigh. now the world will never know about how wonderful the original movie is…

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