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Thai Stunt Dogs Roll In Nissan Qashqai’s
April 29, 2008

I found it amusing, if nothing else.


Building a Cobra
April 26, 2008

The most I’ve done under the hood of a car is install an air intake. And yet of late, all I can think about is building a car. The idea came to me when I saw an advertisement for a replica kit of an AC Cobra. The kit would include the entire rolling chassis. I would then have to buy or salvage an engine and a transmission to power the car. When I finish, the project would have outted me somewhere around the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars, not to mention months of labor. Not exactly something I have currently, so I’ll be putting this on my list of things I hope to do sometime.

The car pictured is the one I hope to construct. It’s an indigo blue AC Cobra that’s been given the white racing stripes treatment. I really don’t care much for the car’s big block engine. I honestly would rather mount something like Mazda Renesis or an inline-four block, granted I can find the proper parts. After all, I’m really just after the car’s look. All right, well, that’s it. What do you think?

“It Was The Freshest Move I’d Ever Seen”
April 26, 2008

Utah Saints – Something Good

Huh? Oh. What the heck? Hahaha!
April 20, 2008

April 18, 2008

Check it out: it’s a service (hopefully a free one) that identifies media covers in your photos (i.e. books, DVDs, CDs) and sends you an e-mail with the information on the pictured title.

Now, this is either super cool or somewhat stupid. Let me explain. Unless this works on say, foreign media, it is rather quite useless. I can easily read a title in English, type that into Amazon and get all the information I could need. I also think that this service could also do quite well with some audio identification. Send in a part of a song you recorded off the radio or in an elevator and have them reply with the song’s information.

Kawaii Neko!
April 17, 2008

Just some cute filler material. Enjoy!

Urwerk 202 Hammerhead Automatic Watch
April 17, 2008

We’re all used to reading time with the two-hand method or with a digital readout. It’s nice to read something fresh on your watch face.

The “new Urwerk 202 Hammerhead Automatic [implements] a unique winding system regulated by compressed air. Instead of a traditional rotating vane, the 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the rate of automatic winding. Plus, the level of air compression generated by the turbines can actually be controlled using a 3-position selector switch… The watch utilizes a rather elegant series of rotating hour blocks built around hands that automatically adjust their length to mark the minutes.” – Gizmodo

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
April 16, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is on shelves today! Okay, that’s it for now! I’ve got to go play it!

Planet B-Boy
April 15, 2008

@ 0:08 What the heck!! That’s frickin’ incredible!

Planet B-Boy is in select theaters now.

Demetri Martin
April 10, 2008

Demetri Martin is a pretty funny guy. I like his use of visuals.