Polaroid Digital Mobile Zero-Ink Photo Printer


I’ve been sick for a while now so I haven’t been up to the job of writing lately. Sorry, so here’s what Uncrate had to say about the Polaroid ZINK Zero-Ink Printer:

“With its instant cameras now a thing of the past, Polaroid is moving instant printing technology into the digital age with its Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer . Utilizing ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, this mobile photo printer creates 2″ x 3″ borderless prints instantly, from cameras or camera phones connected via USB or Bluetooth. The printer also houses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for on-the-go use, and its great-looking prints come on sticky-back stock, letting you (and your friends) affix your newly-minted memories to anything you’d like.” – Uncrate

They left out how the technology works. Basically, the color is already embedded in the paper and heat pulses act as the agent to make them visible on the surface. A single photo takes exactly one minute to “print”. And the resulting photo is fade-resistant, smudge-proof, waterproof, and tear-proof. There’s no price available yet. I have yet to find a release date as well. But I’m definitely going to pick up one of these when they are available.


6 Responses

  1. exciting!

  2. I think so too! But did you read about how Polaroid has stopped making instant film?! :[

  3. yeah, i checked on their website….. and i was a little confused. do you know which instant film they have stopped making??
    what i need is 59 (4×5), but they dont have it on their website anymore…. i dunno, should i just completely stock up???
    it’s what i usually use for emulsion transfers…
    ahhh, and the one i have is expired? should i get a fridge and just completely stock it up? lol.. -_- this is so saddd.

  4. Well, the article I read said that they just closed down their last instant-film factory so I’m guessing that means all instant film has been discontinued.
    I’m sure third-party resellers have what you’re looking for. But they could be jacking up the price and/or other polaroid users are already buying out their stock. The article also said that there’s only about a year supply left. So hurry if you want to get you hands on some.

    Thanks for explaining how it works.
    Otherwise I wouldn’t know how
    AAAAAAAMAZING it really is! hehe

  6. […] this year, I reported on the Poloroid ZINK Zero-Ink Printer. In theory, it was brilliant. With its release (slated for early July) coming up, more details […]

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