Okay, they’re not Oakley in-house HDO lenses and that may scare off any Oakley purist, but I’m willing to throw them a chance just because they carry a line of exciting lens colors for my Juliets that are not made available by Oakley themselves. Among the options for Juliets are Ghost Purple, Magic Potion, +Red, Hyper Green and Liquid Metal. Please check the website for the full list of lens options available for all applicable Oakley sunglasses. They are pretty much in my neighborhood but unfortunately doesn’t do walk-ins so I won’t get a chance to check out the lenses in person before dropping anywhere from $35 to $190 depending on color I want.

I’m just holding off a little because I heard a rumor Oakley is about to release their Spring line including a new X-Metal model, called the Half X.


7 Responses

  1. What is HDO?

  2. HDO stands for High Definition Optics. Oakley explains it here:

  3. Thanks. I know a bunch of Oakley collectors. Nice blog~~~ will visit often.

  4. Thanks Mark

  5. I own numerous pairs of XMETALS and I have purchased several sets of the Custom XMetal lenses from Ebay at super low prices. I am extremely satisfied with every purchase. Even though they are not a true Oakley lens, they are the BEST aftermarket lenses money can buy!

  6. nice blog, keep up!

  7. oalley lets you change lenses in seconds to optimize vision in any sport environment,Fake Oakleys Many performance lens colors are available, and all lenses feature the unbeatable clarity of Oakley’s,

    Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

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