Jawbone Bluetooth Headset


Californians will soon have a law banning the use of cellular phones during driving. It’s about time. It’s going to make a minimal impact being that it will be difficult to enforce. But those good, law-abiding citizens of California will have to shell out anywhere from thirty to upwards of a hundred dollars for a hands-free device. So to avoid the frustration of adding a new tech necessity to your life, I’ve done the research for you. Get a Jawbone. It’s the best device you can get for your money. Unfortuantely, the ear loops have been known to not fit on some people, but I hear it is easily correctable with a pair of pliers. But the device itself is superb. It is constructed of medical-grade plastic and uses military-grade noise-canceling technology. There is a small sensor that rests upon your cheek and it detects vibrations from your jawbone (hence the name) to determine when you are speaking. This is the major piece of technology that makes this device work so well. Unfortunately, like all wireless headsets, it will still make you look like an idiot.

It’s $120 retail, but you can find it for around $80 on eBay.


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