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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
January 29, 2008

Those lucky Japanese have been racing their heart out on Gran Turismo latest installment for the last month. But here in the States, we are here impatiently awaiting the release of our favorite racing simulator. My PlayStation 3 really needs this game. It has been humiliated for being treated as no more than a standard DVD player and rarely even that. That glossy convex box has so much more to offer, I know it!But alas, we must wait another three months before GT5P is available to us. But at least we now know how much longer we must wait. April 17th will the day and you can bet I will be at my local video game boutique to get myself a copy.

The retail disc has been priced at $40 and will include an exclusive video. The game itself will also be available to download through PSN.


World Of Goo
January 28, 2008

A high polygon count doesn’t make a game good. Many, myself included, prefer a game that challenges your dexterity, speed and puzzle-solving ability. This is the sort of thought that surrounds casual gaming. The concept behind 2d Boy’s World of Goo seems straightforward: use “goo” to build structures that reach a goal. Simple enough, but it looks like the kind of game that would be great for portable gaming devices such as the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS. Strangely enough, the only systems it’s slated for is the Wii, Windows, OS X and Linux. I hope that changes.

Happy Birthday, Asterisk!
January 27, 2008


Whoa whoa whoa! I almost forgot!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog! The blog began as a clean slate with little direction, but has grown to take on a style on its own. I’ve sorted through tens of thousands of articles over the last year so I hope you enjoyed the content I bring forth. If there is any sort of content you would like to see, leave me a comment! I’m pretty open-minded.

Thank You’s:
I’ve blogged on Blogger, Vox, HTML and I have to say that WordPress has proven itself to the best. So I would like to thank WordPress for their wonderful service.

I’d like to thank those who read what I write and especially those who take the effort to give me some feedback. Please continue to read and comment!

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset
January 27, 2008


Californians will soon have a law banning the use of cellular phones during driving. It’s about time. It’s going to make a minimal impact being that it will be difficult to enforce. But those good, law-abiding citizens of California will have to shell out anywhere from thirty to upwards of a hundred dollars for a hands-free device. So to avoid the frustration of adding a new tech necessity to your life, I’ve done the research for you. Get a Jawbone. It’s the best device you can get for your money. Unfortuantely, the ear loops have been known to not fit on some people, but I hear it is easily correctable with a pair of pliers. But the device itself is superb. It is constructed of medical-grade plastic and uses military-grade noise-canceling technology. There is a small sensor that rests upon your cheek and it detects vibrations from your jawbone (hence the name) to determine when you are speaking. This is the major piece of technology that makes this device work so well. Unfortunately, like all wireless headsets, it will still make you look like an idiot.

It’s $120 retail, but you can find it for around $80 on eBay.

Tech Demo For “The Force Unleashed”
January 27, 2008

It’s amazing how gaming has evolved from “Pong” to games with behavioral A.I.. This is a tech demonstration on the new Star Wars game, “The Force Unleashed”. The only Star Wars game I can say I truly enjoyed was “Jedi Power Battles”, but this definitely looks promising. It looks to be a single-player platform title made for next-gen (shouldn’t they be current-gen by now?) machines like the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. I’m looking forward to it.

Sony XEL-1 OLED Television
January 27, 2008


I was at my local Sony shop when I saw this beauty. The screen is just three millimeters thick, but then you see that it’s affixed onto a stand that doesn’t share its anorexic properties. So okay, it’s thin. What isn’t these days? The real beauty behind this television isn’t so much what was aforementioned but rather the quality of the picture. It was gorgeous! You really have to see it to believe it. The screen isn’t filled with liquid crystal or plasma but utilizes the brand-new technology of organic light emitting diodes (or OLEDs for short) giving an amazing contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The unit measures only eleven inches diagonally and will empty you out $2500. Consider this: if you settle for an LCD, you can get a very nice 46″ HDTV flat panel for the same money. So you have three options, put that money in the bank and wait for OLED technology to drop in price and get a bigger display in the future, get that 46-incher LCD, or invite your friends to watch the big game on your tiny TV.

Me? Well, I’m definitely holding out for OLED. I was sold after seeing the picture quality on that screen.

If you were thinking the third option: click here to see more about the XEL-1.

A Skit On Predictive Text
January 25, 2008

I found the skit to be funny so I thought I’d share it.

Kristine Sa
January 25, 2008

Kristine Sa – Consequence

The video is lacking interest, I know that. But Kristine‘s voice and lyrics make up for it. Her ballads are beautiful and deal with the themes of love and loss. Her pop songs areĀ  enjoyable. I do hope she makes it big one day. She definitely has the potential.

More after the break.


Happy 2008!
January 1, 2008

Happy new years!

I’m sorry. I know I’ve been slacking with writing posts, but I’ve been busy with the holidays, friends and whatnot. I will also be taking off in a couple days for a trip so I won’t be posting for two weeks. I’ll see you later this month to commemorate the one-year anniversary of this blog. Thanks for reading!