Racer X KC-427


With the whole lot of automotive “remakes” going on lately, I’ve dreamed that someone would revamp the AC Cobra. I’ve even taken it upon myself to do the sketches, but they all turn out to look like rubbish. Fortunately, there are better artists out there than me. One of them is Reuben Zammit, head of design at Racer X. The design for their KC-427 takes the lines from a classic AC Cobra and not much else. I’ve been staring at it for the last ten minutes and I must say, I really do love it. The recessed tail lamps, the obnoxious side grille, the enormous wheels–I just love it.

It’s powered by a huge seven-liter V-8 so don’t expect to see it on Al Gore’s driveway. Well, when I say it’s powered by a huge seven-liter V-8, I mean it will be…hopefully. Racer X is aiming to have a concept out in a year and maybe down the line, produce a run of twenty cars. Twenty! It’s going to be rarer than that new insane Lamborghini Reventon! Not much else is known about the car’s performance so for me it’s just left to my imagination. And I’m imagining it will be absolutely phenomenal and will somehow end up in my garage.

More photos here.


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