Logitech Alto


Laptops are a wonderful thing. You get everything in a neat little package. I mean look– you get the monitor, keyboard, mouse built right in so you can take it along on a trip or just move into another room without much trouble. But if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. The trackpad will slow your productivity and that monitor is fixed at the head of the keyboard. It’s an ergonomic nightmare for everyone whose posture isn’t shaped like a shrimp’s. Thus, the laptop stand was invented. The stand may not be able to go with you everywhere, but it’s good to have at workplaces, at home or at anyplace that you will be spending a lot of time using a laptop.

This here is the Logitech Alto ($100). There’s also a wireless variation that costs the same, but my local Costco warehouse was selling this for half the retail price, so I picked one up.

What’re my thoughts? It’s wonderful! I should have bought it the day I bought my laptop. Unfortunately, I do have one gripe: it’s a Windows-specific keyboard. So not all the great function keys work, but shuffling the modifier keys to a Mac-friendly setup does make using it go a lot smoother.


2 Responses

  1. That’s why it is called laptop right? It is supposed to be put on your lap…LOL…and desktop PCs are for desktops..ahahhaha…

  2. Sure, but why should I buy two computers when a stand will compensate for the laptop’s flaws?

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