This is the Yamaha Tesseract and it is one serious piece of kit. Its design is far from simple, but it comes together with a bit of –if I daresay–elegance. Don’t make the mistake that this is just a suped-up quad. It’s far better. The suspension is similar to that of a motorcycle and I will bet that this thing leans quite a ways before toppling over.

Is it cool? Sure, if you just looking at it. But riding this on the motorway will not make you look the least bit dignified. With four wheels, you might not need a helmet. But I’d sure want one to keep bugs out of my teeth and my face hidden from anyone I know.

As far as performance, it will run off of a V-Twin engine (size yet to be disclosed) coupled with an electric motor. So essentially, it’s a four-wheeled hybrid motorcycle. Well, it’s interesting.


2 Responses

  1. Looks like a transformer toy.

  2. Jesus, looks like a transformer ‘mid’ transform, love it. I want one.

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