Placebo?: I-Doser


I-Doser is a company whose products are binaural tones designed to give one’s brain the effects of certain stimuli of which include alcohol and recreational drugs.

It’s an interesting concept. Alcohol without the liver damage, hangover etc. Marijuana without lung cancer, legality issues, addictive qualities, etc. You get the point. I finally got the time to try it out today and unsurprisingly, I felt nothing. Well, just sleepy from hearing the same beat repeat itself for what seemed like eternity. It’s not really important but I tried out “Hand of God,” their “premium” clip.

Personally, I don’t think it works and that may be the problem. You’re probably more susceptible to the product if you don’t doubt that it works. You’re welcome to give it a try. If you were somehow effected by one of the clips, please tell me. I’d like to hear about it.


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  1. I wouldn’t really call this a placebo, but more of a brain trick… kind of like Meditation… You need to concentrate for such ideals and desire to actually work.. the same goes for trance music. If you just listen to trance, you aren’t going to ‘go into a trance’… but if you focus on some good trance, i gurantee you will start to lose conciousness of whats around you… it takes you into like a timesink and makes you very tired

  2. it will kill if you do the same song 3 times in a row and then do hand of god. you will die. my friend and i tried it and he died yesterday. This is true! dont mess with BRAIINNWAVVESS its dangerous and trust me…YOU WILL DIE!!!

    • OMG REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………….kids these days

    • ” my friend and i tried it and he died yesterday. ”

      Well you don’t sound very sincere…

  3. It works and no… brainwaves can not kill you. It changes the frequency in your brain for an effect.. It does work but you need to start with a not as powerful dose and work your way up once your mind is used to the waves. If you go BOOM hand of god you won’t feel anything. I started at peyote and felt nothing also. I was very skeptical but tried marijuana and genesis and it was great!!! You need to lie down in your room with no distractions and cover yourself up. Don’t move or talk during the whole thing and CONCENTRATE!! That is the key you need to focus in on the beats. Try counting down from a random number like 835 or something and it is fun because it will start to get harder and harder to count down and you start to get “high.” Then comes the fun part. You get to screw with your brain and you kind of forget what a number is. Start with genesis, that is a very good beginner dose. The worst case is that you are immune. I hope that this guide has boosted your confidence in trying i-doser again. Thanks.

  4. A friend of a friend of mine listened hand of god in backwards, he said he could hear the voice of Britney Spears and Michael Jackson praying for the devils.
    It´s not a joke! Don´t do it if you´re home now!! It´s dangerous!!

  5. I’m pondering whether I should try it now. Thank god this review brought me to my senses!

  6. I downloaded the I-Doser application today and tried out the Extasy one. and I really didnt think it had much of and effect at all. apparently if you do it after smoking a couple bowls it works much better? anyone here ever tried it?

  7. well if youre smoking a bowl you really wont be able to distinguish if its having any effect or your just high…remember that scene in “go” when the two girls sell fake ecstasy to some stupid teens and said “you have to smoke pot with it for it to really work….a lot of pot” lol…. just a gimmick to make you think it’ll work… but i dunno.. i just tried the ecstasy idose and it didnt do anything, but ill take whomever said to try with marijuana or genesis… btw there wasnt any beats in the handful ive tried…. just weird bassy electro sounding things and ambience along with high pitch frequencies

  8. It is absolutely placebo! I doser is actually a later version of brain wave generator which i used 4 years ago. didn’t do nothing. now some one introduced as an electronic drug.

    I read all the reviews, it is only placebo happening to all of you and your mind is doing strange tricks. Remember placebo is a power and if you train placebo, you can do anything, even conquering your fears. buscuits friend died after listening multiple tracks, i doubt it! anyway, just my thinking.

    Hope fully i didn’t offend any of you?

    faraz rana

  9. I was researching this a bit after seeing it on the news, and the only thing I have to say is:

    Please look up the meaning of the word “placebo.”

    All of you are using it horribly incorrectly.

    Placebos are inactive substances or treatments administered to control groups when testing the effectiveness of a treatment or substance.
    Example: If we were to test the effectiveness of “I-Doser” that claims to use binaural brainwaves to give a person the feeling of being “high,” a sample of 20 people would be given the actual “I-Doser” treatment, be observed by the researchers, and then have the subjects record their mental, emotional, and physical responses after the treatment. Meanwhile, another sample of 20 people would be given a placebo treatment…for example: music that does nothing to stimulate the brain into thinking it is high and is non-scientific. They will be observed as well and then asked to record their responses. Keep in mind, the subjects all think that they are receiving the active treatment.
    This way, the researchers will be able to tell if the active treatment was, in fact, legitimate. One thing that might go wrong is if the placebo group already knew the effect that the treatment was supposed to have, and they may feel the effects of the actual treatment.

    It’s amazing how the mind works.

  10. This does not work.

    Would you rather pay 20 for some pot or 5 dollars for each “Dose” from the i-doser store. I mean cmon? WTF.
    it is only a scam. My sugestion is if you wanna take drugs, take the real thing and not some stupid electronic drug lol.

  11. Lol, if you want it, download it off a torrent- site.

  12. You can just search it off google and get them for free, why not give them a try? you have got nothing to lose.

    just go to
    and search I-doser, start off with a lower dose.

  13. You mean I can spend an hour laying in bed in the dark concentrating on some noise for an hour instead of spending all that time and energy smoking a joint? Yeah, that certainly sounds reasonable.

  14. i bet 1000$ fucking dollars to anyone that, if they did a random dose not knowing what it was.. they wouldnt feel the effect i doser describes.

    annd that is why its placebo. you are tricking yourself into thinking you are “high”

    and why the fuck would you need electronic drugs if you already have weed?


  15. Marijuana is not addictive and it doesn’t cause lung cancer

  16. marijuana is not addictive, but it does cause lung cancer. inhaling any type of smoke can cause lung cancer, and weed smoke actually contains higher concentrations of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than tobacco smoke. Cannabis smokers generally inhale more smoke for longer depositing more than 4 times as much tar on their lungs as cigarette smokers. To balance this, however, they smoke less joints and smoke less often.

  17. Yo anonymous up there, I actually did one that i didn’t know AT ALL what it was, and when I got done with it I read the description it was EXACTLY how it said it was. -.- So stfu.

    It obviously won’t give you the same powere’d effect as the real thing, Just basically a small controlled version of it.

  18. A friend of mine tried content once before bed. He woke up with slit wrists and blood all over his mouth. But he had some known mental issues prior to that…

  19. i tried the weed 1 it made my calves and feet feel tingly and my eyelids flutter but i was only half consentratin

  20. Binaural beats cannot alter your brain chemistry. Go to college you bums!

  21. I’ve tried a few of them. Peyote made me feel like I was hanging upside down weightlessly. I was lying on my bed.
    Hand of god… I felt heavy and overly warm. I started to fall asleep, but some soprt of weird dream woke me up just before the beat ended.
    Quick Happy did indeed make me needlessly happy.
    Acid made me feel very claustrophobic. The room was staring at me. I think…

  22. This does work, in some cases. I tried it and it seems you need it at a certain frequency, or certain speakers to make it work. For those of you who said it doesn’t work: HAVE patience. Obviosly your doing it wrong. The fact is, if you concentrate on the actual noise, and sort of THINK of the drug mentioned, even just a little, it will work. If it was a scam, people wouldn’t have been doubting it STILL.

    • Tom. the fact you mention needing certain SPEAKERS shows just how fucking clueless 99% of the people who think this shit works really are.
      If you actually know ANYTHING about binaural beats, you would know that the exceptionally minor effects it CAN produce (which are nothing like the ones sites like idoser claim) require headphones.
      Binaural beats work by playing two close but different frequency tones seperately into each ear. Speakers cause crossbleed and completely destroy the effect rendering it even more useless.
      Half the so called “idoses” people put on sites like youtube saying they got high on them aren’t even binaural beats, they’re just random trance or ambient tracks with no binaural component whatsoever.
      The whole thing is equivalent to the old “erasers have a chemical in them that will get you high if you sniff them” bullshit… ie, a bunch of impressionable morons claiming they got high off something just to look cool and edgy in front of their friends.
      Idoses basically come down to 5% placebo, 95% fuckwittery overload.

  23. For one, it doesn’t work for everybody that tries it. Some people are immune to binaural beats. And I have tried it, and yes it DOES work for me. Get some good headphones, turn out the light, close your eyes, and concentrate. It works better if you can lay down on a bed and put the blanket or pillow over your eyes so light can’t get in to bother you at all.

  24. So, I’ve bought new headphones (I was needing some, anyway), openned the program, closed the windows, shuted down all the lights, put the phones on and turned the dose. 15 minutes later and nothing. Just the feeling of silence after all that noisy sound ended. Seriously, if it INDEED had the effects it stated it has, it’d addict at the first dose of some stronger shit. Brain does work at frequencies, but they state how awake (or asleep) you are, not your feelings.

  25. Ohk, my boyfrien told me about idoser. We’ve both experienced the real effects to drugs, so needless to say, we were sceptical. We tried, ‘orgasm’ together and I’ll be damned that thing worked.

    • why didnt you just have real sex???? loeser

  26. i have tried “orgasm” too, and i DID get a boner and i had the feeling of masturbating and other things, even though I was just sitting there

  27. on my first try it worked made me feel good

  28. The multiple orgasm one works. But it takes a lot of concentration and focus. It’s rather long and you need the whole thing, or sometimes it on loop.

    It’s ridiculously boring and seems like it’s a waste of time for the first 10 minutes (which seem like an eternity)
    But, it’s well worth the wait. Well worth it.

    I find it only works well with head phones, laying perfectly still in the dark, no distractions.

    And lay down some towels!

  29. “Hand of god… I felt heavy and overly warm.”

    Same here, my arms were 100% numb, heavy and warm.

  30. The only effect of iDosers is that your brain receives to much information because of the background noises. Listen to some good Speedcore, you’ll have the same “effect”. And the effect some people describe are just placebos, bacause you read about the effect before listening to the doser, and rthen concentrate on it.
    So this can just work if you’re naive enough to believe anything a stupid app tells you ;)

  31. Rofl, kinda old but, i tried one, forgot name of it, worked xD. A lot of these comments up there are obviously fake; I-doser don’t only make you feel high, they have different doses for different effects. Try to do more research then watching the news. I’ve seen plenty of news segments on I-dosing and all they say is kids use it to get high, which is not only the reason. Myexperiences: The 6th time I tried it I made the mistake of laying on my side, during the whole Idose(when it is at it’s strongest effect) I felt like I was rolling around in space xD it was the A-BOMB one. And yes you do need to start at lower doses and worky our way up to other ones. And Hand of God doesn’t make you feel high FYI. Do research before making yourself look like idiots, that way you can have a VALID disagreement.

  32. Yeah i did “A-Bomb” (which was SO AWESOME!!!!) than right after that i did “Hand of God” and it was so amazing.
    I think it works after what that did to me LOL, I think that everyone should give it a try.

  33. I think idoser just helps you make yourself “high”…

  34. Fuck!!!Marijuana has no PERMANENT damage on the lungs cancer. no anything. all damages go back to baseline after 6-9 months of not SMOKING you can still eat pot brownies and not be affected.

  35. what do you mean by marijuana without lung cancer? ass-face, what the hell is wrong with these orthodox people?

  36. Pozrite sa, na ich stranke predavaju drahe sluchadla, prečo asi? ja mam sluchadla za 130 € a funguje každa dose.

  37. Guys I did cut Marijuana after 30 min and then still hear some Shit nosie like bubles around me for like 4 mins is it working cause I dont feel that different

  38. Hand of God is a rip off. All binaural beats are the same as long as you got the right frequency. I believe the Theta state (4-7 htz)is best for astral projection.

  39. i listened to hand of god the real file from idoser and never again it made me feel as if i was being electrocuted and frozen at the same time then i was unable to move for a couple seconds to the point i needed to take the headphones off

    • but then again i think its just all in your head did scare me though i still feel kinda weird like cold n numb.

  40. I played idoser yseterday and i felt a wierd sensation on my penis and i was cock-constipated and my penis exploded.

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