Lambo’s New Monster: Reventon


I can’t imagine myself driving this car. I’m simply not badass enough. I’d be a puppy trying to command a ferocious lion while sitting in its mouth. It just wouldn’t look right. Now if I were Batman, that wouldn’t be the case.

The Reventon is essentially a tuned LP640 which is essentially a tuned Murcielago. Oh and the name? If you don’t think it’s badass enough, hear this: It’s named after the bull that killed toreador Felix Guzman in 1943. That’s right. Even its name comes straight from a murdering bull.

Only twenty a hundred cars are to be produced. Each priced at one million Euros and already sold. Sorry.



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  1. […] the line, produce a run of twenty cars. Twenty! It’s going to be rarer than that new insane Lamborghini Reventon! Not much else is known about the car’s performance so for me it’s just left to my […]

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