I Love It!: Apple iLife ’08


I got iLife ’08 last week and I almost forgot to tell you all about it. It’s brilliant! Well, aside from that new iMovie thing, but no worries because you still get to keep iMovie HD. I don’t really use Garage Band or iWeb but from what I see, they look to be major improvements.

So that leaves us with the new iPhoto! It’s just about the best thing ever now. I love the new Event feature because that’s how I normally organize my photos anyways. But converting from Albums to Events can get tedious especially when you have over three hundred albums to convert. It goes for $79 in stores but you can always squeeze a deal if you look online.


One Response

  1. Gotta get me a Mac one of these days….I always hear good things about iLife and I’d love to try Garage Band. Thanks for the post.

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