Fine-Tuning Perfection: Aston Martin Vantage RS


The Aston Martin V8 Vantage sits on the top of my list of desirable cars. It’s been there for years. And I’ve known that there could only be one car that could unseat its place on top and that car is a factory-tuned variation of the Vantage. It looks like it may finally happen too. This spy shot of a Vantage shows some minor changes of which most notably are the amber corner reflectors, more aggressive rocker panels and clear lenses in the rear.

Speculation says that this car is the long-rumored RS version which is supposed to cut three hundred pounds of fat and up eighty horsepower of muscle.



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  1. […] posted a while back on a spy shot that I had assumed to be the RS. It turned out that it was instead the N400.  But now this new […]

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