I apologize for not posting at all recently, but I have recently reformatted my MacBook so it’s taking some time to restore applications and my bookmarks.

“If you’re familiar with with the Rollei name at all, it’s probably from their 1920’s twin lens reflex Rolleiflex camera which has maintained its popularity, even into today’s photography world.

To keep up with today’s digital age, Rollei has introduced a pocket-sized reproduction of the original Rolleiflex called the MiniDigi. The MiniDigi maintains a construction that’s faithful to the original design, complete with twin lenses up front (the top one is purely for aesthetics) and a hand crank that has to be turned to reset the shutter for the next shot.” – Josh Spear

You have no idea how much I want this right now! But that two hundred dollar pricetag! Arggg!

My birthday’s tomorrow by the way, you know, if you’re feeling SUPER generous and all.


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