My Lovely Week

It’s late and my ability to write has left me. Who am I kidding? I never could write. Anyways, I’ll hand the pen over to Kensai at Asian Junkie to describe to you what is special about this film.

“…My taste for Korean romance movies has steeply declined in recent years. I think it was the endless formulaic crap that finally got to me and I had to take a break. Well, I came back with this film and was glad I did.

That little rant in the previous paragraph is not to say that this film was seeping with originality, rather, it’s a refreshing getaway from the conventional method of crafting a love story in Korean cinema. The intertwining fates of all the characters keep the film moving at a brisk pace and I loved the plots of almost all involved.

All in all, it’s a deliciously fun and intriguing film that actually managed to restore some of my faith in Korean romance films.”

The trailer is a little more original than traditional ones being that it has members of the cast sing. I literally cracked up when I saw the police detective sing as some criminal is being pinned to the car.

And by the way, you can download the movie at Asian Junkie.


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