Need For Speed: ProStreet

“When you select a race event, you’ll be taken to a sort of hub area, where you’ll see a bunch of cars and people hanging out. You’ll be able to bring a limited number of cars to an event, and if you manage to beat your car up too badly, it’ll be totaled and you’ll have to retry the race. If you crash all the cars you bring to the race, you may have to begin the entire event again. These consequences should definitely make the racing much more serious. Car damage also appears to be a big part of the game, and the cars take damage procedurally, so if you smash up the sides of your car, they’ll have visible scrapes. Hoods, bumpers, and other parts can fly all the way off, and your car handling will be impacted if you take a bunch of damage.

The racing itself, on the surface, is similar to what you’d expect from the Need for Speed series, but the car handling feels much different. While it doesn’t quite qualify as a full-on simulation, the game feels much less [arcade-like] than the previous games. Yes, that means you might actually have to hit the brakes in this game. Also, like most driving simulations, ProStreet will have driving assists that you can disable as you get better at the game. ” – Jeff Gerstmann,

Sounds so fun! I am definitely gonna get a steering wheel for this.


2 Responses

  1. Wow…. I’m sooooooo excited and can’t wait to get this game! After beating NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon countless times, I’m definitely due for a new Need for Speed game. I just hope they won’t turn it into another Gran Turismo wannabe, though. The Need for Speed series is a different kind of driving/racing game all in itself, and making it into another Gran Tursimo-type game might turn off fans…

  2. I know exactly what you mean and I agree completely.

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