Cool Wall


Top Gear fans are familiar with the “Cool Wall”. It’s essentially a board that is divided among four categories: Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool and Sub-Zero. New cars are assigned into one of these categories based on their cool factor. This has nothing to do with performance of a car and even the looks are minimal factors. It’s all about its “cool factor”. What does that mean? No clue. I based my ratings off of how much I like the car.

Of course, whether a car is cool or not, can become a matter of subjectivity, so Clarkson’s “Cool Wall” doesn’t sit well with everybody. So, now allows you to create your own cool wall. How many of my readers are going to actually do this? Probably none. But because I’m such a car nut, I took half an hour to create my very own “Cool Wall“. Who cares? I do.


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