Oakley Nanowire


I don’t understand the big Gucci sunglasses that morph the faces of girls into bug-like beings. I think it’s a rather silly trend that should have passed long ago but I digress. Buy sunglasses for their lenses, not the name that is fashioned upon the temples. After all, you should be buying sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Oakley has released a new series of shades that they call Nanowire (Nanowire 1.0 is pictured). It’s constructed of a titanium alloy to ensure it durability while staying lightweight. Keeping in theme, they are packaged with a carbon fiber case. They’re not cheap; $300 is what they retail for. I suggest looking on eBay for some deals.


2 Responses

  1. I just ordered 2 pair of prescription Nanowires. Oakley has been purchased by Lensotica (sp). I hoped to get in before the golitah started to kill Oakely. I must have just missed it. Oakley had to make the clear pair twice. When both pair arrived both pair developed loose lens in about 2 weeks. The optician shop could not fix them and they had to back to Oakley, Still there, it has been almost three weeks. Optician admitted Oakley has had problems with the Nanowire design. They do look great and I really like the sunglasses but if they are a defective design who cares about looks. An odd thing about the polsrized lens and LCD Screens, The polarization makes the screen look black. I have to tilt my head to see the map on my GPS.

  2. Hopefully Oakley won’t change with the buyout.
    But that’s really unfortunate that your Nanowires might become troublesome in the future. I totally agree with what your saying. Build quality should definitely come before aesthetics.
    I’ve had to deal with the polarization issue with LCD screens before so I completely understand what you’re going through.

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