Honda Civic Type R


I know. I know. It is indeed a very pretty thing.

And if it were sold in the States, I’d — well, I’d buy one just to stare at it. From the side, it is the most gorgeous form any hatch can take. And then you realize the beautiful details like the rocketship door handles and the triangular exhausts. And that spoiler is so beautifully placed, I’d give twenty bucks to the designer just to show my appreciation.

But if you ever find yourself fancying a drive, you can step inside and have a bit of fun. You sit behind a 2.0L naturally aspirated I-4 that pumps out 192 bhp and 142 lb/ft of torque. I know it might not be all that special from the other hatches, but unlike the others the Type R won’t redline until 8000RPM. Torque kicks in low so you get an exhilarating drive even if you are just driving to get the groceries.

It may not be as powerful as the Mazdaspeed3. But who cares when your car look this good.

More shots after the break.




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