Sony VAIO TZ90 10th Anniversary Edition


Sony has just released THE laptop of the year. The TZ90 10th Anniversary Edition features the latest and greatest of technologies from a 32GB solid state drive to an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It’s also worth mentioning its LED-backlit widescreen monitor and its carbon fiber chassis which allows for the laptop to weigh in a total of just over a kilogram. The keyboard is like that of my Apple MacBook. The separated keys rise out from the body panel.

If you just have to have one, visit Dynamism for the available configurations and their price. Don’t try to look for this laptop at your town’s SonyStyle store. It’s only available in Japan and Dynamism has been importing the coolest gadgets from Japan for years now.


4 Responses

  1. Kool! I’ve seen the 10th anniversary site! It’s way cool. By the way, nice PC!

  2. Sony VAIO VGN-CR409E/T 14.1-inch Laptop
    This color is perfect for my wife, she’s really into pink lately. She has an older version of Vaio, black one, now it’s mine after upgrading to the newer one. The software is fine, there’s some junk you have to remove / uninstall to make it run smoother, but now-a-days any computer you buy from a name brand store comes loaded with junk software. Spend a few hours to unload and it’ll make your system run much smoother.

  3. I think selling a pink Vaio is the best move that Sony has ever made since it started producing notebooks. Pink is a color universal to all girls, transcending culture, race and religion. No wonder it’s such a best seller among women. – Tanya Bayo

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