Not Your Grandfather’s Smoking Jacket


Fiona Carswell has set out to do what statistics cannot. This ‘smoking jacket’ is only conceptual work but the message is ever so clear. The courteous smoker breathes into a one way air valve and the tobacco smoke is absorbed into the air filter that resemble a pair of lungs. It will eventually take on a blackened look to represent the very same blackening of a smoker’s lungs.

Fiona Carswell is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University and a User Interface Engineer for Apple, Inc.

“My work attempts to design objects and experiences using play and humor. The constraints of space, purpose, and tradition can be modified to create an atmosphere of playfulness. Playful exploration makes things accessible to anyone, allows for risk-taking, and reveals truths about society, including truths about the designers themselves.”


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