Time Machine

TAG Heuer Monaco V4

High-end automobiles are usually accompanied by an optional matching timepiece. They are typically poorly conceptualized and the result is an overpriced watch that keeps time just as well as something you can pull of a cereal box. (Okay, I’m exaggerating.)

But if you take a premium timepiece crafter who strives to constantly put out the avant-garde of timepiece design and the passion of motorists, you’ll end up with arguably the coolest watch ever.

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 utilizes:

“… four barrels aligned in a 2-by-2 series and linked by a differential with a V-shaped bridge. Each barrel gives a force of 375 grams for a total of 1.5 kilos. The barrels are mounted in a V (angles at 15° with respect to the dial) and two constant velocity joints, also borrowed from the automobile world, transmit their energy to the movement.”

That bit probably only makes sense to you engineers out there.

But for us simpletons: This watch is special because instead of a series of gears and cogs, it uses a series of belts that’s ultimately powered a piston. I think. Who really knows…

I just know that I want one.


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