Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay – Hard to Say [Acoustic]

“Crystal Kay was born Crystal Kay Williams on February 26, 1986 in Yokohama, the daughter of a bass playing African American father and a singing Korean mother. She began singing at a very young age, and by the age of six was recording as a vocalist for major advertising. While born in Japan, Crystal is an American citizen, and attended international school. While she has been active in the entertainment business since she was a toddler, she has not neglected her education, and is currently enrolled in Sophia University. Crystal Kay and Hikaru Utada have quite few things in common, and are often compared. Similarities include being native English speakers, having parents who are musicians who groomed them from an early age, R&B oriented material, debut albums which sold only moderately well, and then developing into major stars. Additionally, while both are generally considered idols, unlike many idols, they are both musical and possess strong, soulful voices. As Crystal has grown older, her sound has progressively become more R&B, and these days she is often compared to foreign singers like Janet Jackson and Brandy. Quite a career already for someone who’s only 21 years old.”


3 Responses

  1. wow is this an old video of her?

  2. My guess is yes.

  3. […] Tasha, Black Diamond, Lady T, and I will bet there’s more). I’ve learned that, like Crystal Kay, she’s African American and Korean. Through her music, it’s evident that she’s […]

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