Return of the Stig’s Fat Cousin!

Fat Stig

Okay, maybe not.

But going around the rumor mill is that the BBC is planning to create a US version of Top Gear featuring the British hosts. A few months back, the show was going to brought stateside with a new set of hosts. Fans like I couldn’t bear to watch Top Gear with anybody besides Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow, so it seems BBC has given in.

But the US version would feature cars that are primarily available to the US market, American celebrities in a Reasonbly Priced Car and (though not likely) the return of the Stig’s fat cousin.

I hope it does come into production. There’s no such thing as too much Top Gear.


6 Responses

  1. your noy very nice he may be old but you dont have to call him fat

  2. I would love to see stig’s american cousin again lol

  3. You can’t have a yank version of top gear it wouldn’t work, they would just get annoyed with all the drag race’s they will have to do, seeing as barely any american cars understand that corners exist.

  4. I’m totally with you on that Tom. The only corners American cars seem capable of handling are those at either sides of a NASCAR track.
    The thing is that a spinoff of “Top Gear” is coming to the US. It’s actually going to be called “Gear” (lame, I know). But Americans don’t just drive domestic cars. We’re probably more interested in cars from Europe and Japan so I hope NBC understands this. The only way “Gear” will become popular is that it appeals to real automotive enthusiasts and has an entertaining set of hosts.

  5. sgtvbhtr

  6. Top Gear Games…

    Return of the Stig’s Fat Cousin! « asterisk…

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