Lotus Exige S

As you grow older, your toys become things that are more likely to hurt you or your bank. Sometimes both.

Some might buy themselves a motorcycle. Sure, bikes are gorgeous and devilishly fast. But having to straddle an engine between your loins isn’t really quite dignified. As for me, I’d rather empty my savings at the Lotus dealership in exchange for an Exige S.

So far, it doesn’t look like I’ll ever get behind the wheel of my dream car. So I’m setting my sights on a goal that’s not so ambitious. But don’t get me wrong, the Exige is not cheap by any means. It starts around $60,000 and you only get two luxuries: “[a power] window by the driver side and another one [by the passenger’s]”.

But Lotus is a company that did not make it’s name through making cars heavy on horsepower. Rather they have become famous through means of impressive handling. What good is power when you can’t control it?

The Exige S is Lotus’s fastest production car to this date. It runs a supercharged 1.8L 4-cylinder inline that produces 218HP. But for what it lacks in power it makes up in its super lightweight construction and kart-like handling.

One day! One day, I’ll have it!


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