King of the Road


There are only a handful of American vehicles that I have ever given praise to. The few that have made the list are the Ford GT, Shelby 427 Cobra and 1967 Ford Mustang GT500. I first liked the Mustang when I saw Eleanor, the star vehicle of Gone in 60 Seconds.

Shelby just released their 2007 version of the GT500, but the car simply isn’t cool. Well, not just yet.

So here is their latest release: the Shelby GT500KR. My sources tell me KR stands for ‘King of the Road’. Well, that’s quite a claim. But it also boasts 540HP harnessed by a six-speed, cold-air intake, revised calibration and thankfully an upgraded suspension. As for aesthetics, there’s a set of 18″ Shelby-designed wheels and a carbon-composite hood. Overall, it doesn’t look that bad. But the real question remains, how will it drive? Is it enough to make it ‘King of the Road’?

It won’t be released until 2008 and well, there will only be a scant one thousand made. So as for how it drives, I will probably never know personally.


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