LeMans Karting

LeMans Karting

It was two days ago, but my whole body is still sore.

On Tuesday, my friends and I ventured north to Fremont to check out LeMans Karting. Even now as I sit here in discomfort, I can say that I really had fun! My friends did too!

LeMans Karting is an indoor karting arena that feature karts that can hit 45mph! Personally I didn’t even break 40, but there’s an amplified sensation of speed than that of what you experience in a car. They require you to wear head socks(think ski mask), helmets and a neck brace. You also have the choice to wear a provided pair of race overalls. That should give you a hint to how fast these things really go.

Be warned though, the experience will cost you. For us, we got lucky. Due to their slip (or unannounced generosity), we got a session that should have cost us each $60 for just $25.


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