Redline will quite possibly be worse than any installment in the Fast and the Furious trilogy. But the only difference between this movie and those is that instead of spoiled Asians teens and their tuned Japanese imports, it’s bored, rich, White 40-year olds and their supercars.

But every one of these movies has a famous black guy too. For the Fast and the Furious, it was Ludacris or Bow Wow. In Redline, it’s Eddy Griffin. For a promotion event for the movie, Mr. Griffin crashed and totaled one of only 400 Ferrari Enzo’s ever to be produced, to which his response is classic: “Brother can’t drive.”

Okay, I’ve somehow got to writing on race–pun, not intended. Okay, well, as rotten of a movie as it will surely be. I’m definitely gonna watch it someday. C’mon there’s Koenigseggs! Ferraris! Lambos! Could you blame me?


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