How Long Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

18 Seconds

I’m enjoying the spectacular weather we’ve been having. But in the back of my mind, I’ve been dreading the incredible heat that summer will bring.

To counter the heat people turn on their air conditioning, but this tremendous use of energy requires more fuel to be burned therefore raising levels of carbon dioxide into the air. And if you have seen An Inconvenient Truth, you know how as the levels of greenhouse gases increase, so will the world’s temperature. It’s understandable that we will not be able to reach everybody in changing to a greener lifestyle, so stopping global warming is nigh impossible to do. Though your efforts will dramatically help in slowing it.

And that brings me to a website I have just found recently entitled, 18 Seconds. It is titled that because it takes only eighteen seconds to change a light bulb. They are advocating for the switch to Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs.

What kind of difference can one CFL make? Consider this: If every American swapped just one bulb for an Energy Star labeled CFL, it would collectively save more than $8 billion in energy costs, prevent burning 30 billion pounds of coal, and remove 2 million cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere. Just imagine the difference we could make if we replaced all of the lights we use most!

So make the change please. Here are fifteen other ways to a greener lifestyle.


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