Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome and now…


Abu Dhabi is currently developing a cultural capital (estimated to be worth about $27 billion dollars) on Saadiyat Island. Those spearheading the project want art to draw in a tourist crowd. So far their museums will include the Louvre and the Guggenheim.

But wait–the Louvre is in France and the Guggenheim is–well, the Guggenheim is all over the place. But France’s culture minister has agreed to Abu Dhabi’s proposal for a satellite museum. Along with its name, France is allowing the United Arab Emirates to lend its expertise and its collection.

Critics are saying that France is trading heritage for profit, but the museum claims that they have an obligation to share its art treasures to the world.


2 Responses

  1. France already shares art treasures with the world — at the original Louvre Museum. And doesn’t the French cultural minister bear a greater responsibility to tourism in Paris than in Abu Dhabi? Apparently it may take the loss of masterpieces, installed in volatile regions with the most well-intentioned expedience, to learn that these are not political bargaining chips.

  2. huh

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