I [Heart] Aston Martin


Dreadful, isn’t it?

This is the very car that Bond sent off into a barrel-roll in the twisting roads of Montenegro. Before the stunt-men sent it to its death, it used to be an Aston Martin DBS, the sport-spec of the DB9.

Well, today Casino Royale is released on DVD. (Actually it’s available on DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and UMD. This whole new format thing is getting way out of hand.) Daniel Craig the coolest Bond in my opinion. Sorry to you old folks, but I really have only seen two Bonds in my generation and Daniel Craig plays one slick guy. I wasn’t a fan of the movie actually, but I can appreciate the plausible storyline in contrast to the last couple of films. Pierce Brosnan got stuck with some pretty horrible films.

In other news, Aston Martin changed hands today. A while back, I was deathly afraid that Louis Vuitton would be the new owners of Aston Marin. But today, Prodrive takes the keys to the company after shelling out 925 million dollars over to Ford. Prodrive has ran Aston Martin’s endurance racing team for a couple years now so people can rest assure that the company is now in good hands. Prodrive is also know for their concept vehicle the P2, an amazing car that most people have never even heard of. (The video is no longer available on YouTube, but you can watch it here.) Well, with good looks and supernatural abilities, Aston Martin is now even cooler. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Anyways, have I told you all that my dream car is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage? ;]


One Response

  1. i hate how the poor aston always gets bashed up, i dont think hes ever kept an aston dentless for more than 24 hours….
    i’ve only watched casino royal, and that was only because i hered there was an aston martin in it.
    hmm, the v8 vantage is beautiful (love the sound of its engine), but, i think the db9 is beter looking, i dont know about the engine sound though…….
    i’m sort of sad ford has bought aston martin, but that is only because i hate american cars (no offence, and i’m not been racist- i dnt like big cars, and american cars are ussaly big)

    i’m guesing you like aston martins…
    SO DO I!!!

    happy aston-martin-obsessing-over!!!! LOL

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