We Will Not Be Moved

Magnetic North – We Will Not Be Moved [Live]

I featured Magnetic North’s Drift Away promotional video sometime late last month. But I had neglected to introduce the artists behind the song and now I shall correct that slip.

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“Comprised of close friends that share an unhealthy lust for music, Magnetic North is a hip hop duo that strives to find the balance between insightful lyrics and engaging instrumentals. Though they formed in 2003, both Direct and Theresa Vu have been emceeing for over 7 years. Direct, the mastermind behind their instrumentals, favors melodies heavy in acoustic guitar, piano riffs, and a variety of strings. He tops off his production with honest rhymes and a refreshingly crisp delivery. Then there is T, who brings to Magnetic North that final touch – a female emcee as comfortable on the mic as any of her male contemporaries.”

These two artists–and I stress the word “artists”– are unbelievably talented. Their lyrics are thoughtful and strike emotions every time I hear them. With the hip-hop scene nowadays, everything is commercialized. Emcees are constantly rapping about wealth, sex, alcohol and vehicles with oversized wheels. So it’s most refreshing to find a duo who take the genre to its roots with heartfelt lyrics set to an melodious beats.

I had chosen the track “We Will Not Be Moved,” because I honestly could relate so well to the song. Being an Asian-American who chose a route that didn’t include medicine, law or computers, I’ve felt distanced from many of my peers. The group addresses this with their own found experiences in many of their songs.

I know the video isn’t the best recording, but I highly suggest you go listen to the whole album. (You can support them by buying their album here.)

I’m sick of silence, sick of being voiceless.
They stigmatize us, the bitterest of poisons.
We gotta fight it, no living in avoidance.
Ain’t you sick of suffering the bitter disapointment?
“Hell Yeah!”
Then join us, trust in our tactics.
Prove we ain’t moving like rush hour traffic.
I’ve had it, the madness, I literally shook
hearing tales never told in a history book.
Caught in misery’s hook, seeing, faces screaming.
fathers getting slaughtered, daughters raped and beaten
while they are weeping, mothers sitting stunned
clutchin on to dog tags that belong to her son.
See the fight has begun, but the silence is over…

This is for our culture! This is for our soldiers!
This is for the lives sacrificed on the road ta
peace and prosperity, its theirs to redeem.
Shattered, broken battered, the American Dream…
nonexistent, we living in a system, consistent
with prisons, restrictin our wishes and visions.
So listen, we had enough, we had it rough
it all added up and now we rattled up, so

We will not be moved
Take us to the brink, call us chinks and gooks.
We will not be moved
I refuse to live my life so confused.
We will not be moved
Detachment or action you’ve got to choose.
We will not be moved
Generations overdue now we got to prove.

Sometimes I don’t know who I am, maybe I’m a freak,
cuz even Asians, man, they be giving me heat.
Cuz you see, I’m Chinese, but Chinese I can’t speak.
I only know English, I guess that makes me unique?
Cuz I get no love, from my own people,
I’m a disgrace to my race, a culture-less individual,
Plus, i ain’t the typical, model minority
Being a scholor intellectual aint my priority.
That’s me, an ABC with no future.
My grades are shitty, even if I had a tutor.
I ain’t good with books, that’s just my nature.
But being Asian and all, must mean I’m a failure.
Cuz yo, that is what is expected
If u don’t follow the trend, you ain’t respected.
See even though I’m good at writing tracks and spittin raps,
I still get down played, for not being black.
As a matter of fact, yo, aint my skin yellow?
So what am I doin rapping? I should be playin the cello.
But really though, this is the kind of shit that I fuckin get,
Impressed I speak English without an accent.
Cmon, I’m getting sick, to my dick, with these stereotypes.
But I’m goin keep my head up, and just carry the mic.
and spit rhymes, til i’m dead, despite if it’s right,
cuz this is one chink, that aint gonna follow the hype.
So follow me and fight and let me hear you say…


see, I don’t know all the answers
but i have hopes.
Don’t act like you dying from cancer, tied in ropes
you want shit to change, rearrange your mind first
then we can begin to lift this curse, cuz we..

Faceless, people living on the
basis, that we evil in this racist
place where we taste this
Damn, do I hate this,
Man just erase this,
constant complacence.
We constantly facing
a storm that’s been raging
inside these rib cages.
And why?
Cuz we asian
we die for this nation
and cry for salvation

for lifetimes and ages..


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