Koi swim through my veins


I decided to turn my arm into a canvas for Sharpees and Pigma Microns. And this is what I got after an hour of wasting time. I started with one koi fish. Then four. Five. And now seventeen. I should have stopped at five. I liked it best then. But whatever. It’s going to be washed off any minute now. Very temporary art.

Why koi carp? Because they’re cool and it felt right at the time.

A photo of the first five is after the break.



4 Responses

  1. I was lookin up Koi fish images and came across your “school” very time wasting in deed but you must have needed them at the time!
    1 is lucky…but to have so many would bring absolute good fortune! :)
    Nice ;)


  2. P.S
    Think it looks better with just the 5 too ;)

  3. I love the five, I am feeling like a Koi and am struggling up my own waterfall at the mo…the image is great thanks…

  4. this is soo cool!
    i want you to draw on me


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