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Sony DSC-G1

Slim seems to be the current trend with technology. Televisions, phones, cameras are trimming the fat and muscling up on features. And Sony has taken the market with ultraslim cameras. In fact, my family has had three over the last few years. But these cameras still are created by the same formula: ultraslim stylish design, large LCD, a 3x zoom and mediocre photographs. Nothing has changed over the last couple of years until now.

Sony’s new DSC-G1 still keeps to the formula intact but they have added a couple new features that sound very intriguing. The camera include Sony’s Super Steady Shot software to keep your photos from getting blurry. It is also Sony’s first camera to have wi-fi capabilities. But the more interesting features is its internal memory of 2GB and its simpler graphics user interface.

It’ll run you out $600 dollar to have this camera, but though it is enough to get yourself a Nikon D40. But as I’ve learned, SLRs are quite troublesome when you’re at a party. You can’t pocket it and worry about it when you leave it alone. So depending on what you plan to use it on, choose accordingly.


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