Dignity: $x,xxx +tax

MySpace royalty, Tila Tequila (formerly known as Tila Nguyen), has recently released a single entitled “I Love U”. Before the release of this single she had been vocals for a punk band. But “I Love U” is a track on which she attempts to rap lyrics of pure and utter garbage. For the song, she has been flamed left and right with such comments as “Just shut up and get naked”.

What is on my mind is how this girl is feeling. I mean sure, you’re a complete slut, but sex does sell and that’s a tactic that you use to receive attention to your modeling career (of which I’m unsure still exists). But as a human being, how does it feel to have your intellect overlooked because your “fans” just want to fuck you? How could you sell your dignity for a buck? How does it feel when you know that the only reason people are nice to you is because they want to get in your pants?

Before the big blow-up on MySpace, Tila was a import model and one of the more popular ones. As aforementioned, she was in a band. She even designed a clothing line. And then popularity made her a complete douche.

I feel sorry for Tila unless of course she had chosen this life. In that case, I hope she gets a taste of reality and people lose interest in her leaving her feeling desolate and unwanted. And soon. Just kidding, I don’t wish ill upon anyone.

But your “music” does suck, girl. Oh my god, does it suck!


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