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Meet The Robinsons
March 29, 2007

“I have a big head…and little arms.” Brilliant! I really want to see it. It’s Disney; it has to be good, right?

I take that back, The Pacifier was terrible!


Death Note
March 29, 2007

I haven’t seen such a fun film for a while. You HAVE to see it! It’s full of interesting characters and has a plot line that is truly fascinating!

LeMans Karting
March 28, 2007

LeMans Karting

It was two days ago, but my whole body is still sore.

On Tuesday, my friends and I ventured north to Fremont to check out LeMans Karting. Even now as I sit here in discomfort, I can say that I really had fun! My friends did too!

LeMans Karting is an indoor karting arena that feature karts that can hit 45mph! Personally I didn’t even break 40, but there’s an amplified sensation of speed than that of what you experience in a car. They require you to wear head socks(think ski mask), helmets and a neck brace. You also have the choice to wear a provided pair of race overalls. That should give you a hint to how fast these things really go.

Be warned though, the experience will cost you. For us, we got lucky. Due to their slip (or unannounced generosity), we got a session that should have cost us each $60 for just $25.

March 27, 2007

Redline will quite possibly be worse than any installment in the Fast and the Furious trilogy. But the only difference between this movie and those is that instead of spoiled Asians teens and their tuned Japanese imports, it’s bored, rich, White 40-year olds and their supercars.

But every one of these movies has a famous black guy too. For the Fast and the Furious, it was Ludacris or Bow Wow. In Redline, it’s Eddy Griffin. For a promotion event for the movie, Mr. Griffin crashed and totaled one of only 400 Ferrari Enzo’s ever to be produced, to which his response is classic: “Brother can’t drive.”

Okay, I’ve somehow got to writing on race–pun, not intended. Okay, well, as rotten of a movie as it will surely be. I’m definitely gonna watch it someday. C’mon there’s Koenigseggs! Ferraris! Lambos! Could you blame me?

Nigger Wetback Chink
March 22, 2007

Nigger Wetback Chink is a play of three guys who discuss race. The truth is that there is only one race: the human race. Now let’s enjoy the ridiculousness of racial stereotypes.

It looks pretty funny. I should’ve gone to see it tonight. [slaps forehead]

Nightmares Realized
March 22, 2007

I find this to be especially scary. Because I hope to one day be the sort of photographer who is sent around the world, be it for travel or war documentation. I don’t want to die in a jail cell half-way across the world.

My heart goes out to Eric Volz and his family. Let’s all wish for his safe return.

The Time is Nau
March 22, 2007

Nau Aerial

The list of sustainable products is growing, but some companies just don’t get the fact that they need more selling points besides just being made of sustainable materials.

Nau gets this. They say their clothes are “a blend of outdoor performance and urban style”. Their men and women clothing have more character than your typical Gap wear. Unfortunately, that means it’ll cost you more too.

Check them out.

March 22, 2007

Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo – My Love/Just Friends (Feat. LeeJay)

Passion is an R&B artist whose calm and soothing vocals have made him pretty popular throughout the San Francisco and Bay Area. With his talents ranging from singing, to song writing, the guitar, piano and to a strong presence on stage, its no wonder his fan base has stretched beyond California’s borders.

You could say people are captivated by his “Passion” for making beautiful music (thus how his stage name came to be). He’s even been an opening act for Bobby Valentino, which isn’t bad for a 20 year old Filipino who merely labels himself a ‘Church Boy’.” – Kineda

I don’t think this particular video demonstrates his talent as well as the others on YouTube. But it is definitely the most entertaining of them all.

March 22, 2007

Asobi Seksu – Thursday

In my opinion, the song is cool. The video just isn’t.

Asobi Seksu‘s music can be described as guitar-swirling, sweet-and-sour, bilingual dream pop. Frontwoman Yuki’s voice is more assured than ever, swinging from a girlish falsetto to plaintive laments and switching effortlessly between Japanese and English lyrics, all the while anchored by the lush, turbulent guitar of James Hanna. This is the sound of a band coming into its own, and having fun doing it.

Asobi Seksu (colloquial Japanese for “playful sex”) Asobi Seksu have always been masters at creating musical textures; gauzy, cloudy dreamscapes for their slower songs and squalls of guitar and daisy-chained effect pedals for their barnstormers. The songs here aren’t just “pretty,” they’re melodically rich and incredibly catchy.”

You can visit their site to listen to their latest album, Citrus.

Swig from a SIGG!
March 20, 2007

SIGG Swiss

One of my current goals is to lessen my environmental footprint and I’ve taken one more step towards that with getting myself a reusable bottle. Recycling disposable water bottles is great but why not just reuse one bottle and eliminating unnecessary waste.

So I figured that I might as well do it in style. The ever-popular Nalgenes have been known to discolor and crack due to use, so I went ahead and bought myself a sexy red Swiss SIGG. It’s ultimately just a bottle so I can’t say much to excite you, but I love it and it serves as a great reminder to drink more water.

Oh, and I apologize for the cringe-inducing title.