Cinequest, an annual film festival that takes place in San Jose, is back for its seventeenth year. I picked up the program sometime last week and been browsing through it. I’ve selected a couple that I hope to see being that my schedule fits that of the screening.

Act Normal

Act Normal – Filmed over the course of ten years, this moving story follows one man’s spiritual journey after he leaves a Buddhist monastery to take a bride, only to find he’s lost his way. [US Premiere]

March 1, 4:45p
March 5, 4:45p
March 6, 5:00p

More of my selections after the jump.

All The Days Before Tomorrow

All The Days Before TomorrowAll The Days Before Tomorrow is the story of the unmistakable chemistry between two people who are right for each other, but at the wrong moment in time. [World Premiere]

March 2, 7:00p
March 3, 7:00p
March 6, 9:00p

Hitler Meets Christ

Hitler Meets Christ – Two men meet in a seedy train station. One believes he is Hitler, the other believes he is Christ. When the personification of good meets evil, there is no lack of debate, controversy, and some surprising understanding. [World Premiere]

March 2, 7:15p
March 4, 7:15p
March 8,11:00a

Monster Camp

Monster Camp – A rare and fascinating glimpse into a real-life version of World of Warcraft where gamer stereotypes are simultaneously shattered and confirmed. [World Premiere]

March 3, 9:30p
March 4, 6:15p
March 10, 1:15p

Pure Hearts

Pure Hearts – The severely autistic Kriss spends his days in a psychiatric ward obsessively watching his tape of the 1940’s film Pure Hearts–even if hes never seen the ending due to having an incomplete copy. [US Premiere]

March 8, 2:30p
March 9, 5:00p
March 10, 12:00p

For more information on the whole event, click here.


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