The Future Is Upon Us

Song Hye Kyo

Okay, those who watch enough Korean media can tell me that this is a photograph of actress Song Hye Kyo. I would tell you that yes, you’re correct, but at the same time, you’re oh so wrong. How can that be, you ask? Well, this particular image is the work of one Max Edwin Wahyudi and his computer. It’s pure computer graphics!

Me – What if people are no longer needed as actors because people can animate them just the same.
Isaac – I’m sure that’ll happen.
Me – and eventually these animations will become celebrities!
Isaac – Yeah and they’re expendable too even more than people
Me – It’s all rather depressing.
Isaac – but it’s no different than cartoons.
Me – It’s like saying that people aren’t pretty enough.
Isaac – The media already says that.
Me – Ah, touche.

Impressive work though, Max.


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