Okay, so I have a PlayStation 3.

Note the use of a period and not an exclamation mark. Where are the games?! Why hasn’t anything spectacular come out?

But today was the release date for the highly anticipated game, flOw.

flOw has been hyped up to be–I don’t even know… some sort of a puzzle game. I was practically clueless prior putting down eight dollars and buying it. The most I had seen were screenshots. After finding my way the terribly difficult purchasing system, it took somewhere around two hours to download the game. And when I finally got to play it, I got–well, I got pwned by it. It may look like the easiest thing but it is so hard!

The game doesn’t use the directional pad or the joysticks, in lieu it makes use of the PlayStation 3’s motion sensor function. It’s nothing like the Wii’s intuitive controls. It took me a while to figure that up is down and contrariwise. But it takes significant gesture to have the controller pick up on it and it you move too fast, it’ll choose to ignore you. I felt like I was practicing Tai Chi as I waved my arms around the room in some sort of graceful manner.

I’ve figured it out. I guess it just takes some getting used to. But it’s still not worth eight dollars.

But at least the game looks beautiful. The organism that you create can look really neat.

Verdict? Better as a screensaver than a game. Still nothing good to play on the PS3.


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